Design Mock-Ups

Request Free QuoteHOCKEYGURL DESIGNS works with design firms and marketing companies who outsource their design and development projects to us. We also work with many small businesses who require mockups and samples to make a design decision for their companies.

We provide design mockups, code development, site maintenance, brand management and SEO.

The projects shown below are only a small sample of mock-ups for our recent contracted projects.

Design and Development

Mockups were provided for this website for a new life-coaching business.

The designs provided were responsive, cross browser and device compatible.

Although multiple mockups were created, it is unknown whether this business has moved forward or has folded.



Design and Development

Mockups were provided for this website for an update and redesign of the very dated existing website.

The design provided was responsive, cross browser and device compatible, and would include booking capability and information.

Mrs Potts' website is currently a "do it yourself" Wix website, and our mockup is not currently being utilized.



Design and Development

Work on this website was done under contract with a Sacramento-based non-profit organization.

We were responsible for multiple design mockups for new website in both HTML and WordPress formats, as well as buildout and maintenance of approved format. Eventually, however, the information that was to be included in this design were incorporated into another, previously existing website.

Multiple mockups were completed for this client contract, one of which is pictured here. Their content is currently part of another website, and they have not gone live with their own independent site.




Design and Development

This web site was designed for a local restaurant who was exploring the possibility of a website rather than being dependent upon their Facebook page.

It would have included menu options, discount coupons, specials, and items for purchase, including sauces and branded clothing items.

The business owner eventually went with a family member to create an out of the box WordPress template site.



Sara Powell Attorney at LawSARA POWELL, ATTORNEY AT LAW
Design and Development

Work on this website was done in conjunction with our contract with a Phoenix area marketing company.

We were responsible for design mockups for new website for attorney at law, completed in multiple color schemes and styles.

Over 27 different mockups were completed for this client contract.

Their site is currently a do-it-yourself out of the box template, updated in-house. None of our 27 mockups were utilized.


E-Commerce / Design and Development

This site was designed for a local business who wanted an improvement from their packaged e-commerce site, something easy to update and modify, portable to other servers. It was completed in conjunction with a West Valley marketing firm.

The website featured an extensive selection of Caribbean spices and food products, with a PayPal shopping cart that allows visitors to purchase through PayPal or credit cards.

Also included were multiple recipes using the ingredients for sale on the site, as well as newsletter registration and information about their brick and mortar shop. Due to non-response, this design did not go live, and it is unknown whether this company is still in business.

Design and Development

This website was designed for a local photographer who wanted an improvement from their "free" portfolio website, as well as an addition to their Facebook business page.

The website featured multiple portfolio galleries showcasing various styles and settings for her portfolio.

The photo galleries were originally designed to be connected with her Flickr account.



Lobbys Burgers mockupLOBBY'S BURGERS
Design Mockup

This mock-up was put together upon request of a local marketing firm working with Lobby's Burgers.

They wanted a different look and feel for the website, and HockeyGurl Designs prepared several mockups per their specifications.




Design and Development

This mock-up was created for an artist that splits his time between Arizona and New England. The site featured his paintings, photography, music and poetry, with galleries and links for each item.

Also to be included were YouTube embeds and recordings from Reverbnation.

The artist did not fufill his contract obligation with us, and has since uploaded a "do it yourself" Weebly website to showcase his work.

Last update: February 25, 2022